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How do I import an Application for an Existing Client?

The eMOS import feature makes it easy for you to import an application for an existing client. Simply select the eMOS file you want to import and choose then application type of ‘New’ and then click upload. You will then be given a list of all clients contained within the eMOS File and will be able to match each to an existing Salesforce record, or leave the matching blank to create new records where required.

How do I import a Trail File?

To import a trial file, follow these steps:

1. Format your trial file for import.

2. Go to the Trail Import Tab

3. Click the browse button to locate and select the file you want to import (must be .csv file type).

4. Enter the start and end dates for the trial. (Generally the first and last day of the previous month)

5. Click the upload button.

6. You will receive a notification advising how many trial records were created, as well as an email alert with additional information about the import.


How do I add additional user licences?

You can request additional user licenses for RightTrack by sending an email to support@aprika.com.au. We will then provide you a checkout link to complete your order. Each RightTrack user licence requires a Salesforce user licence. Salesforce user licences need to be arranged via your Salesforce account manager.

How Can I Create a Validation Rule for Users without Impacting eMos Imports?

In the latest release of RightTrack (Version 1.6.2) we have added in a custom setting that will allow RightTrack users to implement validation rules which bypass eMOS import. this means they will only fire when a user is updating or creating a record.

To make your rule bypass eMOS import, apply the following condition to the end of your rule:

&& $Setup.anzmobile__Bypass__c.anzmobile__Validation__c <> True

See the Salesforce help topic on “Defining Validation Rules” for further information about creating validation rules.

Can I update an application via eMOS Import?

Yes! You can easily update an existing application you have in Salesforce.com by importing the relevant eMOS file and selecting the application type of “Existing”. This will then allow you to select the existing application you would like to update as well as the related records.

Tip: If you don’t need to maintain any information from the existing related records in Salesforce, you don’t need to match them.

Who do I contact if I need help with RightTrack?

The best way to get help with RightTrack is by sending an email to support@aprika.com.au.


Can I try RightTrack for free?

Yes! We have a free online test drive environment available via the AppExchange in which you can login and test RightTrack for yourself without the need to install it. Please note that this is a publicly available test area so you should not use personal or confidential information in your test records. In addition to this we offer live product demonstrations upon request.

What is the Trail Import Feature?

The Trail Import feature is key feature which allows you to import your monthly trail files directly into Salesforce so that you are able to track, report on and reconcile your trail commission amounts.

Why can’t I find Applications in the Setup panel?

The Application object in RightTrack is actually the standard Salesforce ‘Opportunity’ object that has been renamed to “Applications”. If you are wanting to manage fields, page layouts or other system admin tasks for this object, you will find it in the setup panel as “Opportunities” in the customize section.

What is the price of RightTrack?

Set Up Fees:
RightTrack has a once off Standard Setup fee of $2,000 (ex GST) for each Franchisee signing up for the solution and will include installation, configuration and training.

Subscription Fees:
There will be an ongoing subscription fee of $40 (ex GST) per user per month. This will cover ongoing support of ‘RightTrack’ and ongoing upgrades. This subscription fee will be
collected via credit card on a monthly basis and should a broker no longer require access to the application, 30 days notice to cancel will be required.
Note: To use RightTrack, each User will also require an ‘Enterprise Edition’
Salesforce.com user licence. These fees will be paid directly to Salesforce.com.

What is Mobile Verification?

Mobile verification is a security verification step in which when you are attempting to log in to Salesforce from a new device or internet connection you will be required to generate a security code which will be sent to you in an sms message and then enter this into Salesforce in order to log in. This only happens the first time you log in on a new device or internet connection and ensures that your salesforce account is very safe. If Mobile verification is not enabled, then the verification code will be emailed to you instead.

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