Project Management

Mission Control is a cloud-based project management solution built natively on the Platform.
It boasts an extensive feature set that provides you with all the tools you’ll need to effectively manage your projects.

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Aprika is well-renowned for delivering high quality consultancy services with a strong focus on fit for purpose solutions and customer success. Having delivered well over 200 projects, we have experience in a variety of industries.

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Central Console

The Mission Control Console provides you with quick launch access to all of the key areas of your project management solution

Rapid Project Launch

With a few simple clicks you can quickly create a Project framework, including all the required key Milestone deliverables

Resource Capacity Planning

View all of your actions, identify bottlenecks and holidays, reassign or reschedule actions to fit the capacity of project resources

Project Financials

Track all financials, including revenue, staff costs, and expenses to provide you with full P&L visibility across all projects

Kanban Whiteboard

You can easily drag and drop your Action ‘sticky notes’ to record your progress in this Kanban style whiteboard, making them simple to update

Gantt Chart

View projects on the Gantt Chart, getting visibility of all Milestones and Actions. Manage dependencies, drag and drop to reschedule and view progress

  • It literally does not matter what day of the week or what time of the day it is... these guys do not sleep in Australia! But seriously, not only is this a great product which we have rolled out across our company, but the service we have received from day one has been amazing. Their commitment to service has overcome any apprehension from doing business with a vendor many miles (and continents) away. It is obvious that they are personally vested in the application, something our company, being in the same type of business, truly appreciates. The app is solid and updates/new functionality come often. Keep up the great work mates!

    Xavier Nazario United States
  • Mission Control has been an excellent product for our company! We use the application for our project management department where we handle complex multi-site rollouts as well as large campus environments. The product is scalable from small to large projects. With the app being native to SFDC it was extremely easy for our users to pick up the ins and outs of the program without a huge learning curve. For the first time in the history or our company, we have instant project status reports and metrics that aren't available in other products.

    Carrie Nunemaker United States
  • The team at Aprika are very responsive to my customers needs. Support is second to none. The application is very easy to manage out of the box, and as a Solution Provider for me it is very easy to extend Mission Control to meet my customer needs. Congratulations on 1 of the best Apps on the App Exchange.

    Jamie Browning New Zealand
  • As a SF consultancy for non-profits, we needed a project management tool to use ourselves and to also recommend to clients. We have been suitably impressed with mission control and it's functionality at the price point, and we are using with our team on a daily basis. It allows for transparency and gives a good functionality.

    Heather Black United Kingdom
  • Mission Control has really helped us with our time management and allowed us to improve our case turn around as well as easily manage our projects. We are still learning to use many of the features, so its value in our process increases on a daily basis. Couple this with constant improvements, excellent service, lightning fast support and a willingness to consider requests, and you couldn't hope to find a better solution. Thanks Colin and Co, we could no longer manage without MC!

    Patric Trollope South Africa
  • Mission Control gives project managers the tools they need to both schedule a project complete with Gantt chart and execute a project using a Kanban board. The software also incorporates time tracking which is critical to keeping an eye on project costs. Whether you are using Waterfall or Agile methodology or both, Mission Control helps keep your projects organized all from within Salesforce.

    Charles Heunemann Australia
  • It is Friday night at 8:30pm US East Coast time and I had some questions I needed answered for an internal presentation I am giving on Mission Control this Monday morning. I sent an email with some very specific questions and within 10-minutes I received a thorough response outlining exactly the answers I was looking for with tremendous detail. Thank you Colin.

    Alex Khan United States
  • Mission Control has become a critical component of managing customer implementation projects for our company. Project Milestones and Actions (combined with the existing SFDC Tasks features) allow for simple and repeatable projects to be managed all through Salesforce. Reports, all built into the existing SFDC project framework, are easy to build and provide an essential tool that I personally use to manage our company's project portfolio across multiple projects and project managers. The service provided by aprika is quick and responsive.

    Kenny Oubre United States

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