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Can I remove the branding on the IntelliMail email template?

Yes, you can remove the following elements from the email template:

– The header
– The footer
– The logo
– The footer URL
– The chart hyperlinks

Please refer to the IntelliMail User Guide for further instructions.

Unexpected Errors

The most common reason a user receives an unexpected error in IntelliMail is that they have not been given access to all required components of the package such as fields, objects, Visualforce pages, Apex classes and triggers. To avoid this issue, we recommend selecting the ‘Install for All Users’ option when installing Intellimail. Choosing this option does not mean that you cannot restrict their access if required, but it will make it easier to grant access if needed.

If you have already installed IntelliMail and are receiving this message, we suggest creating a permission set with all of the package components so that you can apply this to users as and when needed, rather than having to apply the individual components for each individual user.

If this does not solve your problem, or you are the system administrator who installed the application, please contact with further details about the error you are receiving.

What is IntelliMail?

IntelliMail is an app built on the platform that enables you to email Reports and Dashboards to users.


What editions of does IntelliMail support?

IntelliMail supports the Enterprise, Unlimited and Performance editions of

How do I configure the Compliance BCC rule?

Please refer to the ‘Configure the Compliance BCC Email’ section of the IntelliMail User Guide.

Can I still manually BCC?

No, once you enable the Compliance BCC rule, you no longer have the ability to manually BCC on your normal emails.


Do I have to use the Compliance BCC rule?

No, if you do not want to lose the ability to manually BCC on your emails, you can still use IntelliMail with some additional client-side configuration. Please contact us on and we will assist you with the configuration requirements.

How do I schedule a report/dashboard for refresh?
  1. On the report or dashboard, click the ‘Refresh’ button
  2. Select the ‘Schedule Refresh’ link
  3. Specify which users you want to email
  4. Set your preferred start and end date options
  5. Set your preferred start time
  6. Click ‘Save’

Please refer to the ‘Distribution Manager’ section of the IntelliMail User Guide for further instructions.

How do I add users as recipients?

1. Navigate to the ‘Distribution Manager’ tab
2. Select the report or dashboard you require
3. Click ‘Save Analytic’
4. Click ‘Add Recipient’
5. Enter the recipients email address
6. Click ‘Save’

Please refer to the ‘Distribution Manager’ section of the IntelliMail User Guide for further instructions.


Why do some recipients not receive the email?

If your dashboard / report is correctly configured to refresh and you have entered the recipients email address correctly but they are still not receiving the email, please check you have added their domain into the ‘Authenticated Domains’ section in the ‘Domain Manager’

Further settings to check:

Is the Compliance BCC Rule ‘Enabled’ field set to TRUE? If not, please set it to TRUE, click save and re-test.

Is the ‘Accept Emails From’ field on the Email Service Address blank? If not, it should be, please remove any values, save and re-test.

How many recipients can I send a report / dashboard to?

Through IntelliMail, you can add 100 recipients to any report / dashboard distribution list.

Does IntelliMail count towards my outbound daily limit set by

Yes, IntelliMail emails count towards your outbound daily limit. Reaching the daily limit may cause delay or deliverability problems of your IntelliMail emails.

Can I change the branding on the IntelliMail email template?

Yes, IntelliMail has certain elements that can be ‘whitelabelled’ with your own branding. These elements are:

– The From name
– The ‘You have new IntelliMail’ section of the Subject string
– The ‘IntelliMail:’ section of the header string
– The logo in the header
– The background colour of the header / footer
– The left hand string in the footer
– The right hand string in the footer
– The target URL in the right hand string of the footer

Please refer to the IntelliMail User Guide for further instructions

Deactivating BCC Compliance

If you unsubscribe from IntelliMail, you must also deactivate the BCC Compliance method that you have set up, or else this will cause your Salesforce emails to fail.

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