Delivering business intelligence direct to your inbox!

Solved a year old problem within minutes

Share with non Salesforce Users

Keep all of your staff, board members and stakeholders up to date with your current business performance indicators, not just those with access to

Domain Manager

Use the Domain Manager to ensure you only send to email addresses that are included in the Authenticated Domains list.

Distribution Manager

Quickly and easily set up a Report or Dashboard to be distributed to multiple non-user recipients using IntelliMail’s Distribution Manager


Brand the IntelliMail template with your own corporate colours and logo to provide that extra touch using the Whitelabelling functionality


IntelliMail comes with a suite of reports and dashboards that will let you keep on top of who is receiving what

Native Application

IntelliMail is a native application that runs entirely on the platform. It works with Enterprise Edition and upwards.

IntelliMail Overview

Full Feature List

What is Intellimail

As a company that relies on to provide insight into the performance of the business, no doubt you would like to be able to share your Dashboards and Reports with all your staff, not just with those who have a user licence. Keeping all staff regularly abreast of your Key Performance Indicators ensures that they all remain focused on the core business objectives.

IntelliMail allows you do to just that – distribute your Dashboards and Reports to users. It delivers business intelligence direct to your inbox!

With the power of and IntelliMail on your side, you can rest assured knowing all of your staff are being kept up to date on the performance of your business.

How does it work

IntelliMail is a native application that runs on the platform. It is a utility tool that lets you schedule the distribution of Dashboards and Reports via email to recipients (staff, board members, etc) who do not have a user licence for

Setting up a Dashboard or Report to be distributed by IntelliMail is achieved through three easy steps:

  1. Authenticate the domain – The Domain Authentication ensures you can only distribute business intelligence to email addresses that are listed in your Domain Manager.
  2. Schedule the Distribution – Schedule the Dashboard or Report for distribution via the normal process. Then, select the Dashboard or Report you wish to distribute within the IntelliMail application.
  3. Manage Recipient List – Enter the email addresses for the recipients and activate distribution.
How much does it cost

IntelliMail is licensed on a ‘per-organisation’ basis. This means you pay one set fee regardless of how many users or IntelliMail recipients you have.

IntelliMail costs AU$30 per month. Payment is via Credit Card on a monthly subscription basis.

  • Share Intelligence with non-SFDC Users – Keep all of your staff, board members and stakeholders up to date with your current business performance indicators, not just those with access to
  • Distribute to Authenticated Domains – IntelliMail will only distribute Dashboards and Reports to domains within the Authenticated Domain list managed by your System Administrator.
  • Schedule Reports & Dashboards Distribution – Dashboards and Reports can be scheduled for delivery daily, weekly or monthly. You can also specify the time of day when you want it to be distributed.
  • Manage & Report Intellimail Recipients – IntelliMail allows you to manage the recipient list for each individual Dashboard and Report. Furthermore, it provides its own set of Dashboards and Reports to allow you to quickly see who is subscribed to each distribution.

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