Mission Control

Your Project Management Command Centre
Project Management Software

Mission Control provides you with native Salesforce project management software. Built on the Salesforce Platform, it operates within your own instance and does not require any third party integrations.

Task Management

Plan out entire projects, assigning ownership to your project resources and have full visibility of all progress made

Financial Management

Track revenue and costs across your projects to give you full P&L insight. Whether it’s Fixed Price or Time & Materials, you’ll know exactly where things are at.

Time Tracking

Record the effort, whether it’s billable or non-billable, spent working on each task to identify efficiency against schedule, as well as capturing the actual costs of delivering your projects.

Capacity Planning

Manage your resource allocation on the Scheduler. Assign tasks to resources that have the required skills profile.

Gantt Charts

Build out your projects, drag and drop to reschedule, and even reassign your actions all from the popular Gantt Chart feature

Project Whiteboard

The Kanban Whiteboard allows you to view your workload, progress the status of actions and you can even log your time too!


Through the powerful PMO Dashboard and the native Salesforce.com Reports & Dashboards, you’ll have all the insight you need.

Expense Management

Log all of your expenses against your projects, have them approved and account for them in your project financials.


Mission Control fully integrates with Chatter so you’re able to share files, chat to project members and view historical conversations in context of the project.

Feature Highlights

Kanban Whiteboard

Kanban Project Whiteboard

The Kanban Whiteboard provides users with a great way of visualising all of their actions, based on their current status. From here you can:

  • Progress Actions
  • Filter on Projects
  • Log Time / Track Time
  • Collaborate via Chatter Feed
  • Manage Action Checklists
  • Re-assign Ownership
  • Edit / Add Actions & Contributors

It’s a great way of quickly reviewing priorities with the team!

360 Degree Visibility

The Project Overview pulls everything onto one page to make it quick and easy to see how your project is performing. It provides access to:

  • Project Status
  • Project Financials
  • Gantt Chart
  • Burn Down Chart
  • Risk Matrix / Risk Log
  • Expenses

It even integrates with Chatter to provide in-context collaboration!

Project Overview Page
Resource Capacity Planning Scheduler

Resource Capacity Planning

The Scheduler provides you with the ability to manage the resource capacity planning across all project resources. Identify and manage:

  • Capacity Availability
  • Allocation & Roadblocks
  • Holidays
  • Filter on Teams & Skills Profiles

You can view up to a 12 week period and easily drag and drop Actions to reassign or reschedule to fit within your team’s availability

Interactive Gantt Chart

The interactive Gantt Chart lets you build out new Milestones and Actions, reschedule existing timelines, reassign ownership and build out dependencies.

You can export the Gantt Chart as a PDF to share with timeline with colleagues, clients or suppliers.

Gantt Chart

Keep Track of Time

You’re able to easily keep a record of the hours spent working on any project. The Timesheet provides a list of all actions assigned to an individual for a specific week. You can easily:

  • Log Billable Hours
  • Log Non Billable Hours
  • Add Supporting Notes
  • Submit for Approval

You can also log time on the go with the Salesforce1 Time Logger, allowing you to track time through it’s ‘Start / Stop’ functionality.

PMO Dashboard

The PMO Dashboard provides the birds eye view of how your projects are performing. Highlighting key metrics such as:

  • Cost Performance Index (CPI)
  • Schedule Performance Index (SPI)
  • Recognised Revenue

It provides you with instant insight into performance against budget and timeline. It also lets you drill down into the Projects, Milestones and Actions to get to the route problem in order to get the project back on track.

PMO Dashboard

Deep Dive Demo Video

Full Feature List

What is Mission Control?

Mission Control is a cloud-based Project Management system that operates natively on the Force.com platform. It integrates with the following editions of Salesforce.com:

  • Professional Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Performance Edition
  • com Edition
  • Developer Edition
  • Communities
    • Company
    • Customer
    • Partner

Mission Control provides you with all the tools to effectively manage all of your organisation’s projects. It is jam packed with features to help you manage your projects no matter what methodology you use, including:

  • Mission Control Console
  • Projects
  • Milestones
  • Actions
  • Risk Log
  • Gantt Charts
  • Resource Capacity Scheduler
  • Kanban Whiteboard
  • Billable & Non-Billable Hours & Costs
  • Full Project P&L Financials
  • Invoice Generation
  • Assignment & Reminder Notifications
  • Chatter Integration
  • Time & Expense Tracking
  • Document Management

It has been designed to work with you whether you use agile, Prince2, PMP or any other project methodology.

What's the Price?

Mission Control is licensed on a ‘per user’ basis. This means you pay a monthly subscription for each user license.

Mission Control costs AU$29 per user per month. Payment is via Credit Card on a monthly subscription basis.

We provide a 50% discount for Not For Profit Organisations.

What’s on Offer?

Mission Control has all the tools you’ll need to have a holistic view across all of your projects. Each Project has related Milestones, which subsequently have related Actions. Project Members are able to log both time and expenses against an Action, which all roll up to provide Milestone and Project summaries.

Mission Control Console

Everything you do in Mission Control is launched from the ‘Mission Control Console’. This Console provides users with the ability to perform a number of key actions, including:

  • Rapidly create and clone Project frameworks
  • Create a new project member
  • View a Project Overview
  • View a Project Gantt Chart
  • View the Scheduler
  • View the Virtual Project Whiteboard
  • Easily reschedule Projects
  • Log Time & Expenses against Projects
  • Control Digest and Automation Options

Whether you use Salesforce Classic or Lightning Experience, you’ll be able to use all of the features available to you in Mission Control!


Project Management Salesforce Mission Control AppExchange

Project Overview

The Project Overview provides you with a holistic view of everything relating to a specific project. You are able to quickly see all the important information on page, including:

  • Project Status
  • Project Financials
    • Billable / Non-Billable Hours
    • Revenue / Cost Tracking
    • Profit & Loss
  • Gantt Chart
  • Burn Down Chart
  • Milestone Status
  • Action Status
    • Colour-coded Status field
    • Colour-coded Start / End Date fields
  • Risk Log & Risk Log
  • Expenses
  • Invoices & Credits

From the Project Overview page, you are able to quickly view or edit a related Milestone or Action.

Project Financial Management

Mission Control provides with a variety of options when it comes to tracking both Billing and Cost rates on your projects. The three main methods of calculating your project financials are:

  • Standard
  • Role-based
  • Skill-based

The table below provides an overview of how each of these options will work.

Project Financials Management Software Salesforce AppExchange

Tracking both Billing and Cost financials on your projects will enable you to have greater insight into the Profit & Loss position for each project, across a stream of programs and across the entire business.

Project Management Salesforce AppExchange Financials

Gantt Chart

Mission Control includes a Gantt Chart feature, allowing you to view and edit any of your projects in a visual manner. The Gantt chart has a very user-friendly interface with the following features:

  • Drag n’ Drop Action rescheduling
  • Create new Milestones & Actions
  • Quickly create dependencies between Actions

Project Management Salesforce Mission Control AppExchange Gantt Chart

You are also able to view in a printable format for easy printing or converting to PDF.

Project Management Salesforce AppExchange Gantt Chart Mission Control PDF

You can also export your projects as an XML file that can be imported into MS Project.

Kanban Project Board

A unique feature of Mission Control is its ‘Virtual Project Whiteboard’. The Whiteboard provides you with a holistic view of all Actions relating to current Projects.

All Actions on the Whiteboard have their own ‘sticky note’, which displays key information including:

  • Action Owner (including User Profile Picture)
  • Action Name
  • Milestone Name
  • Project Name
  • Start and End Date
  • Scheduled Hours
  • Completed Hours

Each Project can be assigned a different colour sticky note to aid identification of related Actions. Using the Whiteboard, you can:

  • ‘Drag and drop’ Actions from one Action Status to another
  • Easily Log Time against actions by clicking an icon on the Action sticky note
  • Quickly Cancel Actions using an icon on the Action sticky note
  • Filter the Whiteboard by project, milestone, owner, date range or action
  • Edit Actions, Add new Actions, manage Contributors via the Resource Assignment Wizard
  • Collaborate via the Action Chatter Feed
  • Select the fields to display on the ‘Sticky Note’ to suit your preferences

All underlying workflow triggers are executed when using the ‘drag and drop’ functionality.

Timesheets & Real-time Tracking


The timesheets page allows Project Members the ability to view and manage all of their Actions that are due in a given week, including overdue Actions. The user is able to log both billable and non-billable time, view existing time logs and add comments. A project member may also be given the ability to manage other member’s timesheets. They’ll even have the option ‘track time’ using the start / stop functionality.

Project Management Timesheet Time Logs Salesforce AppExchange

Time Logger – Salesforce1 / Browser Side Bar

Project Members can log time using the quick access Time Logger, which is accessible via the Side Bar within the browser or from the Salesforce1 mobile application. You can log time historically, or ‘track’ time whilst you’re working on the Action.

Resource Capacity Scheduler

The Scheduler provides a calendar style view of Action records. It can display Actions for all Projects, or you can filter to a specific Project, or based on team membership and skills profile. It enables you to reschedule and change ownership of any Action, as well as viewing holidays, Salesforce.com Tasks & Events and resource availability. The Scheduler is a very useful tool for resource capacity planning.

Project Management Resource Capacity Planning Salesforce AppExchange

There’s also an option where you can view the hours distributed across each day to quickly identify any bottlenecks that might need balancing out.

Resource Capacity Planning Project Management Software Tool

Expense Management

An Expense object allows you to track all of your Project Expenses. This feature includes the ability for an expense approver to review and approve or reject expense claims. Once approved, the expense amount will be allocated to the project’s financials.

Your users can submit expenses within the browser via the Expense Log, which enables them to submit multiple expenses at one time.

Expense Claim Management Submit Project Management

You can also submit expenses whilst they’re on the go, using Salesforce1. They can also utilise the Notes & Attachments feature to submit expense receipts / supporting documentation.

Project Management Expenses Salesforce1 Salesforce AppExchange

All of your project-related expenses are summarised as part of the Project Overview.


Billing Management (Invoices & Credit Notes)

Mission Control enables you to raise invoices and credit notes against your projects. There are three options that help you raise your invoices in the most time-efficient manner as possible.

Project Management Invoice Solution Salesforce Billing

Mission Control fully supports multi-currency and enables you to manage Tax Rates for the various countries you’re operating in.

You can raise invoices and credit notes, generate them as PDFs and share them with your clients externally to Mission Control.

Project Management Invoice Solution Salesforce Billing

Risk Management

A risk log object allows you to manage Risks relating to a Project, a Milestone or a particular Action. The Risk Log allows you to specify the details of a Risk, categorise it and determine the Risk Score based on Impact and Probability.

Risk logs can be added from the project record. All Risk Logs and a Risk Chart will appear on the Project Overview page.

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