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Two-way SMS messaging within
Mercury SMS Two Way SMS Messaging for

Outbound Messaging

Send outbound SMS messages to your prospects and customers within the CRM system. Keep a track of all your messages in your Activity History.

Inbound Messaging

Let your prospects and customers contact you via SMS and MMS. The details of all messages are logged directly in your CRM system as part of your Activity History.

SMS Template Library

Manage your library of SMS templates that can be used throughout your solution. Templates can include merge fields and can be automatically sent via Workflow Rules.

Bulk Messaging

Send text messages to a List View or Campaign Members. Use the merge field functionality to personalise the message to each recipient.

Scheduled Deliveries

Like to plan ahead? No problem. Get your SMS messages all prepared and schedule them in advance to be delivered at the ideal time.

Inbound Routing Options

Identify who should be notified when inbound messages are received to make sure they are routed to the correct person so they can take action promptly.

Opt-Out Management

Recipients can reply STOP at any time to automatically opt-out of receiving future messages. Keep your mailing list up to date with no internal administration effort

Merge Fields

Apply that personal touch to your messages by taking advantage of the merge field functionality to merge in the recipient and sender details.

Workflow Automation

User Mercury SMS to support your business process management by automating the delivery of messages using workflow rules.

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What is Mercury SMS?

Mercury SMS is an application that runs on the platform. It enables users to communicate with their clients via SMS.

It provides users with the ability to send individual SMS messages and bulk messages to Lead and Contact records. Outbound messages can be constructed ad-hoc as required or selected from a previously created template library. Field value merging is supported allowing SMS messages to be personalised ‘on the fly’. Sending SMS messages via Workflow is also supported.

Mercury SMS also provides inbound messaging allowing clients to reply to a message or to opt-out of receiving further SMS communications.

How much does it cost?

Mercury SMS is licensed on a ‘per-organisation’ basis. This means you pay one set fee regardless of how many users you have.

Mercury SMS costs AU$100 per month. Payment is via Credit Card on a monthly subscription basis.

Mercury SMS messages are distributed via MessageMedia. A free trial account will be provided for evaluation purposes during the 14 day free trial of Mercury SMS. This can be upgraded to a live account once subscription to Mercury SMS has been completed. MessageMedia offers a variety of tariffs to suit each individual client’s volume.

What can it do for me?

Mercury SMS has all the tools you’ll need to communicate with your clients via SMS directly from your CRM system. Users are able to send an SMS directly to an individual, a group of Leads, Contacts, Campaign Members or even send an SMS via a Workflow Rule.

SMS Inbox

The SMS Inbox provides you with a real-time feed of inbound messages that are assigned to you as an individual User. The SMS Inbox automatically loads new messages, so there’s no need for you to keep checking manually.

You can access the SMS Inbox from the following locations:

  • Salesforce Classic Sidebar
  • Lightning Experience Home page
  • Salesforce1
  • Service Cloud Console

Mercury SMS Text Message Salesforce CRM MessageMedia

Real-Time Message Feed

The ‘Message Feed’ provides you with a chat-like experience, whereby you can quickly send outbound messages to a phone number and the inbound replies will appear in the ‘Feed’ in real-time.

The Message Feed works with the Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity & Case Objects. It can be added to the respective page layout in Salesforce Classic or Lightning Experience. It can also be configured to work with any other Standard or Custom Object.

Salesforce Real Time Message Feed Text MessgeMedia Salesforce

Outbound SMS

When sending outbound messages using Mercury SMS there are several options to choose from, which include:

  • Send a message to an individual
  • Send a message to a list of Campaign Members
  • Create an ad-hoc message
  • Select an SMS Template message
  • Send the SMS message immediately
  • Schedule the SMS message to be sent at a later date/time
  • Execute a Workflow rule to send an SMS Template message to an individual

All outbound SMS messages, whether ad-hoc or SMS Template, support merge fields. A message can merge fields in from the object record, owner or sending user.

When an outbound SMS message is sent, an Activity History record is created.

Create an SMS Template

Create SMS message templates quickly and easily and include merge fields simply, in just a couple of clicks.

Salesforce MessageMedia Text Message Communication

Sending to an Individual

Mercury SMS provides the ability to send an SMS to an individual, including:

  • Lead
  • Contact
  • Person Account
  • Campaign Member
  • Opportunities
  • Case (the Lead or Contact associated to the Case)
  • Any Custom Object

Salesforce SMS Text Message MessageMedia

Select an SMS template or create an ad-hoc message and choose to send now or later.

Salesforce SMS Text Message MessageMedia

All SMS messages sent or received via Mercury SMS will appear in the “Activity History” related list.

Mercury SMS Brochure

Send a Bulk SMS

You’re able to send a ‘bulk’ SMS to a group of Campaign Members or to selected records via a List View on a Standard or Custom Object. Salesforce Text MessageMedia

Send an SMS via a Workflow Rule

You can send SMS Templates automatically when your business process rules are met. An SMS Template can automatically be sent using either Workflow Rules or Process Builders.

Mercury SMS Brochure

Inbound SMS

Mercury SMS provides inbound message capability. This means your prospects, customers and stakeholders can reply to a message they received and it will be inserted as an “Activity History” record relating to their record.

You can set up your own dedicated inbound number so people are able to initiate communications with you via text message.

Receiving inbound SMS messages

When an inbound SMS message is received, an Activity History record is created with a Subject of “SMS: Received” and the Description field will contain the actual SMS message. The Owner of the Lead or Contact can receive an email notification.

Inbound Keyword Actions

You can configure ‘Keyword’ actions that can be performed when an Inbound Message is received containing the keyword. The actions you can carry out are:

  • Create a new Lead
  • Add a Campaign Member
  • Create a new Case
  • Perform a Field Update

Keywords are simple and quick to configure and can help you automate common activities, such as adding clients to a subscription list or providing clients another avenue to submit support tickets.

Receive Opt-Out Requests

If a Lead or Contact no longer wishes to receive SMS messages, they can unsubscribe by sending a message with the word STOP. This will automatically set the “SMS Opt Out” field for the record to TRUE.

Inbound MMS

You are able to receive inbound MMS. The photo will be attached to the Task record and will appear in the SMS Inbox and Message Feed, as shown below:

Note: At this time, MessageMedia only supports Inbound MMS in Australia and United States.

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