The cloud-based CRM solution for ANZ Mobile Lenders

eMOS Import

This powerful feature allows you to instantly create accounts, applications, loans, properties, securities and statement of positions from an eMOS file.

Application Management

Have 360 degree of all your Applications, track the stage of each application and capture key dates. Record all your communication with applicants against each application.

Commission Tracking

Keep a record of all commissions, whether it’s upfront, MIP or trail. You’ll have full visibility into the profitability of any deal.

Trail Commission Import

Import your monthly trail commission files in a few simple steps to maintain a history of all trail transactions and analyse total values. It will even notify you if you haven’t received an expected trail commission!

Portfolio Management

The Statement of Position feature lets you track all assets, liabilities, employment history, income and expenses for each application. Even better, it can be imported from the eMOS file

Global Rate Manager

Effortlessly apply the current product interest rates and commission rates across all of your live applications at the click of a button

Loan Tracking

Capture loan and product information, view rates, balances, trails and securities all in the one place

Workflow Automation

Make the system work for you! There are various automated processes that keep your business moving forward, whilst you’re out on the road meeting new clients!


Be informed about your business and your clients with a comprehensive suite of reports and visual dashboards

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Full Feature List

What is RightTrack

RightTrack is a customised Salesforce.com CRM solution specifically designed for ANZ Mobile Lending brokers, with the input of brokers. The solution gives you everything great about the Worlds #1 CRM and more to enable you to manage and grow your business with ease.

Key Features of the Solution Include:

  • Prospect Management
  • Powerful eMOS Import Feature
  • Application Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Contact Management
  • Unique Trail Import Feature
  • Global Rate Manager
  • Activity Logging
  • Calendar & Meeting Management
  • Reports & Dashboards

Seamless Transition:

  • Full Installation & Set Up Provided
  • Hands on Training Session
  • Specially Designed User Guide
  • Ongoing Upgrades & Support
How Much Does It Cost

Set Up Fees:

RightTrack has a once off Standard Setup fee of $2,000 (ex GST) for each Franchisee signing up for the solution and will include installation, configuration and training.

Subscription Fees:

There will be an ongoing subscription fee of $40 (ex GST) per user per month. This will cover ongoing support of ‘RightTrack’ and ongoing upgrades. This subscription fee will be collected via credit card on a monthly basis and should a broker no longer require access to the application, 30 days notice to cancel will be required.

Note: To use RightTrack, each User will also require an ‘Enterprise Edition’ Salesforce.com user licence. These fees will be paid directly to Salesforce.com.

Features Overview

RightTrack is designed specifically for ANZ Mobile Lending brokers to use with Salesforce.com CRM to give you all of the tools you need to manage your prospects, contacts and applications in the most user friendly and efficient way, keeping you cool, calm and in control!

  • Prospect Management – Capture discovery information about your prospective clients before qualifying them.
  • eMOS Import Feature – This powerful feature allows you to instantly create accounts, applications, loans, property, security and property ownership records.
  • Pipeline Management – This powerful feature allows you to instantly create accounts, applications, loans, property, security and property ownership records.
  • Loans Management – Capture loan and product information, view rates, balances, trails and securities all in one place.
  • Rates Management – Effortlessly apply current product interest rates and commission rates globally from one place.
  • Trail Imports – Import monthly trail commission files in a few simple steps to maintain a history of trail transactions and analyse total values.
  • Reporting & Dashboards – Be informed about your business and your clients with pre designed loan overview reports, pipeline reports and visual dashboards.
  • Calendars & Meeting Requests – Manage your appointments with ease, by being able to view all of your events on a calendar that allow you to click through to related information and even send meeting requests to clients and contacts without leaving Salesforce.
  • Activity Logging – Keep a history of events and activities against your records including meetings, tasks, calls and emails and utilise follow up reminders for future activities. 
A CRM Package That Makes Sense To Your Business!

Everything you do in RightTrack is customised to the needs of your business; so all terminology and processes make sense to you.

  • Access your data wherever & whenever with Salesforce.com – The worlds #1 CRM.
  • Work efficiently with system automation and reminders.

Manage your calendar on the go and send meeting requests straight out of Salesforce.



This multi layout calendar keeps you on the ball. You can view and manage your calendar by day, week, month as well as schedule and send meeting requests and manage your tasks and activities. The calendar can also be linked to Microsoft Outlook with a handy connector.


The best thing about the Salesforce calendar is it can link directly to your client’s accounts and loan applications so that you can simply click through to the information that you need.

Prospect Management

The Salesforce Leads page has been customised to capture key discovery information required to make an assessment of your prospects situation and needs.


Convert prospects into client accounts and start the application process, whilst scheduling a follow up task in a few simple steps.


Referral Tracking

We know that referrals are important to your business and so we have created a referral-tracking feature to link leads and clients to the accounts that have referred them to you. This will allow you to see what percentage of your business has been generated through a referral, as well as identify who your top referrers are so that you can thank them and keep them motivated to drive business your way. You can also manage MIP referrals and MIP commissions with ease.

Client Management

Because ANZ Mobile Lending primarily deals with B2C relationships, the solution involves enabling of the person accounts feature, which allows you to record individual consumer accounts as well as the standard business accounts. This means that you can capture more meaningful information about your clients. We have also customised the account pages to capture ANZ specific information such as customer number, employment status, marital status etc.


From a client account you can record activities, tasks, client relationships, applications, property, campaigns as well as record notes and attachments. You can also use the loan overview button to generate a report of all of the client’s loans.

eMOS Import Feature

Import your eMOS files directly into Salesforce.com and have all of your application records created instantly. This powerful feature will save you more time than you thought was possible. It creates person accounts for all applicants and guarantors, the application and related loan records as well as property, security and property ownership records with the click of a button!


All you have to do is click on the ‘Browse’ button to locate and select your eMOS file and then click ‘Upload’ to have all of your records created for you.


The eMOS Import feature creates the following records based on the particular application:

·       Application.

·       Loans for each product.

·       Properties for each asset.

·       Property Ownerships.

·       Securities.

·       Person Accounts for each applicant and guarantor.

·       Contact Roles to identify applicants and guarantors.

·       Partner Roles to identify relationships between accounts.


RightTrack makes it so simple for you to manage your Client Applications. We have customised the Salesforce Opportunity page so that its pipeline features can be used to manage the progression of your client’s applications. We have also created a function to capture and record key dates as you move the application through varying stages.


From the application page you can record guarantors, create loan records, trail history records, as well as activities, notes and attachments.


Need to link a guarantor to a loan application whilst still having that individual as a separate account? Not a problem! We have got you covered with a simple guarantor linking feature that will link all the information you need between the applicant, guarantor and loan application


Are you competing with another lending provider for this applicant? You can record everything you need to know to be able to manage the risk of losing clients to competitors with the ‘Competitors’ features.

Activity Logging

Need to recall what you discussed with your client at your last meeting? Simply check the record you made against their account with the activity-logging feature! With activity logging you can keep a record of all events, tasks and client contact against your account, application and loan records that is easy to find and manage, keeping you informed and accountable.


We have created a custom Loan object so that you can capture all of the required information about your client’s loans and manage details such as rates, terms and commission. You can record multiple loans for your clients and link them to the related applications so you always have the ‘full picture’.


RightTrack ANZ Mobile Lender CRM System Salesforce.com Compass

From the loan page you can record trails and security as well as create and record activities and tasks.

Property & Security

We understand that it’s also important for you to be able to capture information about property owned by your clients and to record them as security against loans, which is why we have created property & security pages. You can list multiple properties as security against loans and easily view and access this information from your client’s account page.

RightTrack ANZ Mobile Lender CRM System Salesforce.com Compass

Rate Manager

We know that rates are always changing and you need to be able to apply these rate changes to hundreds of records on a daily basis, which is why RightTrack includes a customised Rate Manager feature, allowing you to view the current applied rates and update them globally in seconds. This page also offers a commission rate manager so if commission rates change you are able to update this without a hassle.

RightTrack ANZ Mobile Lender CRM System Salesforce.com Compass

Simply enter the current rates & hit the save button to apply these rates to all of your active loans. It couldn’t get any easier!

Trail Import

The trail import manager allows you to effortlessly import your monthly trail import .csv file and have the trail transactions created and linked to the relevant records in just minutes.

RightTrack ANZ Mobile Lender CRM System Salesforce.com Compass

All you have to do is import the trail commission file in csv format, enter the date range and hit the upload button. The rest is history, as trail commission transactions will then be listed against your records automatically!

Reports & Dashboards

Salesforce.com CRM comes with a number of out of the box reports, which you can use to manage your leads, accounts, contacts and applications. We have also created a few more to help you get started, however you can create any reports and dashboards you like using the Salesforce report builder to analyse and improve your business.

RightTrack ANZ Mobile Lender CRM System Salesforce.com Compass RightTrack ANZ Mobile Lender CRM System Salesforce.com Compass

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